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Roofing in Surrey

Epsom Slate and Tile provides all types of roof installations and repairs including:



There are several different types of tile to choose from. These include profile and plain tiles, the pitch and structure of your roof will determine which tile is right for you.

Both plain and profile tiles can be made of either concrete or clay, we can help you decide which make of tile is best suited for your building based on its location and surroundings. All of our tiling work is carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications.



There are two main types of material that slates are made from the first one being a natural slate. When laid correctly natural slates will provide a watertight textured roof that can last up to 150 years. Being a natural product it has many variations in texture and colour.

The second is a cement fibre prefabricated imitation slate that looks very similar to a natural slate but doesn't come with the same price tag. It is a cost effective slate style roof covering. They are light weight, pre-holed and have consistent dimensions which are therefore easy to install.

Flat Roofing


Our torch applied system Debo-tec flat roofing. It consists of a traditional three layer built up system using universal venting/perforated layers, glass fibre base sheets intermediate layers followed by final capping layers.

There are various colours to choose from depending on your surroundings.

GRP Waterproofing Systems


A GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastics) roof is a single-ply GRP laminate consisting of roofing resin and chopped strand matt reinforcement applied in situ over a good quality OSB3 deck. The flat roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and finished with a pre-pigmented topcoat.

Lead Roofs


We are specialists in this sector of our industry and all our lead work is carried out to the highest of standards. Lead roofs are proven that when laid correctly can last up to 150 years depending on the correct codes used, so once the lead roof has been complete it is there for life. You can locate images of our lead work in our portfolio/gallery.

Fascia and Soffits


When replacing fascia and soffit boards the best and most cost effective way is to have UVPC. They are available in black, white or brown. They're also maintenance free and just need wiping down with a cloth instead of a whole new coat of paint like the traditional timber fascias.

The fascia boards come in two thicknesses; a 9mm capping board which is applied on top of your existing boards if they are still sound or a 19mm maxi fascia board if your existing boards need replacing. Both are heavy duty and provide long life and durability. Finished with a highly polished surface to reflect heat and reduce expansion and contraction problems.



Defective rain water guttering can be a source of many damp problems. When correctly fitted it's designed to carry rain water away from your property quickly and effectively.

There are many profiles and styles on the market to date and we can help choose what is right for you and your type of property.